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  Easy Grammar Systems publishes the Easy Grammar series, Daily GRAMS series and Easy Grammar Ultimate Series.  Author Dr. Wanda C. Phillips has long been recognized for her expertise in teaching grammar and writing.  Using easy explanations, she also introduces concepts in a building-block manner and incorporates a cyclical approach that promotes mastery learning.

     Easy Grammar teaching texts (Grades 2-6 and Plus) introduce common prepositions.  Then, students learn to delete prepositional phrases and easily determine subject, verb, agreement, etc. Concepts are introduced at a basic level and build for understanding.  Easy Grammar Plus and Grades 3-6 include unit reviews/tests and cumulative reviews/tests, all enhancing mastery learning.  (Students usually complete two or three lessons per day; however, the goal is mastery, not speed.)

    Daily GRAMS texts (Grades 3-7) are daily, 5-10 minute reviews (180 lessons).  The format is capitalization (#1), punctuation (#2), grammar and other concepts (#3/4), and sentence combining (#5)  for improved quality of writing. Concepts are reviewed cyclically to increase mastery learning. It is recommended to begin each class period with a lesson and, then, moving to Easy Grammar.

Easy Grammar Ultimate Series (Grades 8-12) are teaching texts that are quick-but-thorough, 10-minute daily teaching lessons.  This allows students to maintain skills —while expanding learning. Easy Grammar Ultimate Series presents 180 lessons with teaching and review of capitalization, punctuation, usage, and sentence combining for improved syntax.

Wanda C. Phillips, a native Pennsylvanian, earned a B.S. degree in Secondary Education from Shippensburg University in 1969, elementary certification from Grand Canyon College in Arizona, and a Master’s Degree in educational leadership from Northern Arizona University in 1992.  In 2007, Wanda earned a doctorate from George Fox, a Christian University in Newburg, Oregon. After earning her doctorate in, she completed a statistical study of her Easy Grammar and Daily GRAMS texts in Grades 3-8.  Results supported Dr. Phillips’s informal findings.  Final analysis reflected amazing mastery learning!  Of 282 students, 252 (80%) increased mastery by 20 percent or more. This phenomenal growth statistically reflects that Easy Grammar and Daily GRAMS are extremely effective in promoting learning.  Phillips adds, “Ninety-nine percent showed growth, with one student increasing more than sixty percent!”

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“My son had been studying Easy Grammar and Daily GRAMS for several years, and he recently took a standardized test. He is in grade 6, but he scored at grade level 13.6 for language usage and mechanics! I firmly believe that Easy Grammar played a major role in helping him develop a solid, systematic understanding of grammar, so you have my gratitude for your curriculum.” – L. D.


“I want to sincerely thank you for the Easy Grammar Plus series.  My 12 yr. old (7th grade) son was severely struggling with the most simple grammar concepts.  After having worked the program for about 6 weeks, he has gone from failing to succeeding.  He gets perfect scores on his workbook pages nearly every day, and he no longer dreads grammar.” – C.T.


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