Enki Cyber Middle School

After a second year of delightfully successful programs, we will now be offering the full set of Cyber Jr. High classes for Grades 6, 7, and 8. Exactly which programs will run will depend on enrollment and scheduling realities; decisions will be made one month before classes begin, so if you are interested, register soon to reserve a space.

For many homeschooling children, the peer needs of this stage bring some challenges. From a developmental point of view, this is unavoidable – and good news; the 11 to 14 year old is pushing to find his or her own power, and part of that is a shift of focus to peers. As well, everything within them is, rightfully, pushing to step away from parents. To meet this need, and yet support the beauty of schooling at home, we offer our cyber peer online program. To our delight, the structure of these classes in the online environment successfully supports peer relationships and learning to work as a community, very well – creative compromise, listening to one another, play and banter are all part of the daily fare.


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